I am interested, what are the next steps? Take the eligibility quiz to know if you are eligible. If you are, send us an email at How long do I have to use the product? The personalized exercise program is 6 months long, after which you can continue to use the product. What can I expect… The GaitReady™ app with the Lechal smart insoles may help you get more active and reduce your fall risk by doing the recommended exercises and tracking your gait & balance regularly. • You will be mailed a kit with with Lechal smart insoles with charger, an information sheet, user guide, Companion Exercise Guide and ankle weights. You can then download the GaitReady mobile/iPad app. • Using the app and the insoles, you can take a fall risk assessment. You will get a personalised exercise schedule with exercises for 5 days a week. Complete the exercises following the instructions to earn badges. • You will be required to take a fall risk assessment once a month to track improvements. You will get a detailed report about your assessment results and your gait and balance parameters. I have received the kit, but I need help setting up my account. Contact us at and we will guide you.
Are the Lechal insoles safe to use? Yes, the Lechal insoles are safe to use. All the electronic sensors are enclosed inside an insulated chamber that is water-proof & shock-proof. Do I need special shoes to use the insoles? No, The Lechal insoles can be used with most closed shoes that have laces. You can remove your existing insole, if removable and insert the Lechal insoles. You may not be able to use the Lechal insole with narrow shoes like dress shoes or heels. How often should I use the insoles? Please use the insoles as often as you can. Lechal insoles work like a fitness tracker and tracks your steps throughout the day. I am not able to use my insoles. Please go through the troubleshooting guide or contact us at and we will guide you.
How do I download the app? You can download the GaitReadyTM app from the following links:
Link for Android | Link for iPhone | Link for iPad
I have received the GaitReadyTM kit, but I need help setting up my account. Contact us at and we will guide you. How do I use the GaitReadyTM app? Please go through the user tutorials for information on how to use the app. In case of any specific questions, contact us at and we will guide you.
How do I access my reports? Your detailed pdf report will be available on demand in the app. Follow these steps to get your report. For Android / iOS: Home page > Scroll down to find the Download Reports button. For iPad: Home tab > Click on the Fall Risk Tile > Click on the Download Reports button. You will be asked to enter your email id and the assessment report will be sent immediately. I cannot find the Assessment Report in my email. The email id entered could have been misspelled or wrong. Please choose Download Reports and re-enter the email id. You should get an email with the subject “Your Fall Health Assessment Report” If you are still not getting the Report, check your Spam folder. If you still are not receiving the email, please contact us at and we will guide you. What is the use of the Assessment report? The report has the standardized fall risk assessment results in detail, your general monthly activity report and the detailed gait and balance parameters that can be useful for a clinician. You can share this report with your loved ones or your clinician.
Who has access to my private data? Any personal information you share on the app is secure and encrypted. Please read the GaitReady™ app Privacy Policy to know more.

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